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Relazxing Guguan Settour-TaiChung eTicket System

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Package Information

Relazxing Guguan Settour

Package includs:

1.Car fare

2.Tour guide


4.Insurance "Liability insurance 2 million +Medical insurance 2 hundred thousand"

5.Guguan Hot spring cost

Recommended Tour:

Round up→Tuniun Hakka Cultural Hall(60 min)→Sweet Charm Farm Winery(40 min)→Lunch(60min)→Visiting Guguan Hot spring (120 min)→ Guguan Hot Spring Cultural Hall, Hot Spring Park(30 min).


Pick up Spots: 


1.Taichung Train Station Tourist Service Center 08:00
2.Local hotels in Taichung 08:00~08:40


3.THSR Taichung Station exit 6 08:40


Dongshih Old Train Station Hakka Culture Park】

This park was reconstructed from Dongshih old train station. In this showroom, which adopted from wairing room, it remained the long bench that travelers waited for the train.  In the its cultural hall, it displayed Hakka historical relics and occasional Hakka exhibition were held from time to time.  This campus also planned Hakka theme, including food, clothing, living, transportation, edcation and entertaining, that showed the characteristic of Hakka industries, language and culture.

Sweet Charm Farm Winery】

It was estibilished in 2003, the outward appearance remained the traditional culture, and it was made with bricks and bamaoo crafts that created the Sanhoyuan building(the 3- sections compound). This style of buliding let visitors experience tradition and that wisdom that passed on generation to generation.

 ※Lunch:Meal will be served in the local banquet restaurant, and portion would be adjusted based on group number. Please inform us if you were a  vegetarian or having speicial requirement. 

【 Guguan Hot Spring】

It was called Meji Hop Spring, due to orginally started from Meji Period Japan.  The hot spring temperature could be up to 60 degress Centigrade, and its the sodium bicarbonate springs. The hot spring is colorless and odorless therefore, it's highly praised by visitors and also a well-known hot spring area in Central Cross-Island Highway.

※Please prepare personal swiming suit and swimming cap. Option of  upgrade to personal hot spring house is avalable.  

Drop off Spots:

1.Taichung train station 
2.THSR Taichung Station
3.Local Hotels in Taichung
※ Tour time might be adjusted due to traffice and condiction on the road.  Please inform the crews on the bus if you had the next transportation tickets affairs. 


Product Contact Person:易飛網國際旅行社

Phone Number:02-7725-0800#4



1. This package needed to be used within 3 months.
2. This products needed to be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance.


Travel Agency Description:

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