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Loha Travel Laeander Cottage Settour- Central Taiwan Pass-TaiChung eTicket System

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Package Information

Loha Travel Laeander Cottage Settour- Central Taiwan Pass 

Recommended Tour:

Fengyuan train station→Okuma Fishing Museum→Summit Resort→Princess Annie's Garden→Lavender Cottage→Mon Coeur

Package includs:

1.Central Taiwan Pass NTD150

2.Lavender Cottage entrance tickets for 2 (equals NTD200)

3.One waffle (equals NTD275)

4.Two drinks (equals NTD418)

5.Carousel tickets for 2 (equales NTD100)

6.Lavendar sachets (equals NTD65)

This pass is only for【Lavander Forest Shinsher branch】

Tree Ring Post Office - get 5% off with your Central Taiwan Pass


Tel: 04-25931066

 Lavender Cottage

 Tree Ring Post Office - get 5% off with your Central Taiwan Pass


 Tel: 04-25931066

【Okuma Fishing Museum】

Okuma fishing was estambilished in 1986. In early days, Okuma was branding well, and distributed to Taiwan, China, USA and Europe, etc.. There are more than 60 countries use Okuma fishing products. Okuma fishing dedicated to create a fun fishig leisure, and promote the concept of fishing properly, environment protection, and cherishing marine resourse. It became the first fishing tourism factory both in Taiwan and Asia. 

※Show Central Taiwan Pass, entrance ticket discount price NTD 150.

【Summit Resort】

The most charming part of Summit Resort is the european castles. The stone roads and castles made the scenery as being in the Eurpoean manors. Season changing makes Summite Resort different atmosphere in every season.


Princess Annie's Garden

Princess Annie's Garden was built in Engish garden style. The architecture, garden landscaping would provide you pleasant suprises in many ways. The romatic atmosphere comes up with fresh scent of herbs and flowers. It is definately a relexing climate to enjoy your day. ※Entrance ticket can use NTD100 for any consumption, plus 10% off for meals and beverages, or buying gifts. Not for the ice cream shop

【Mon Coeur】

Mon Coeur is a happiness manors created for newly weds . After years well planned, it became a popular wedding desternation for married couple, and also the best dating place to go.


Product Contact Person:易飛網國際旅行社

Phone Number:02-7725-0800#4



1. This package needed to be used within 3 months.

2.This pass is only for Lavander Forest Shinsher branch


Travel Agency Description:

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