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National Palace the South 3-day Pass- Central Taiwan Pass-TaiChung eTicket System

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National Palace the South 3-day Pass- Central Taiwan Pass

Course (Round trip):


Recommended Sightseeing Spots:

【Bantou Community 

This community uses a special kind of tunnel cave to produce potteries for temples. Cochin is this special kind of potteries created here. You can find cochin factories here. There's also a huge art work made of cochin. Besides, don't forget to visit Dingtsai Local Garden Hall where you can see folk culture and the preservation of the old railway. For those who like old stuff, this is the right place to enjoy.


Wanglai Pineapple Culture Yard 

Here you can find the well-known pineapples. It's because the climate and soil are good for pineapple planting. Farmers here cultivate high quality pineapples with different vriorities such as sour and sweet. They got Agriculture Award.


National Chung Cheng University 

NCCU is elected as the most beautiful university thanks to the soap opera "The Falling Star Garden". Campus here is romantic and relaxing. Many couples come here for their wedding photo shootings. Don't miss the romantic Tranquil Lake, the greeny Forest Boulevard and the classical Central Fountain Plaza. You can find a mixture of Maya culture, academic and romantic atmosphere here. No wonder it's called Taiwan's most beautiful university.


The location of Hinoki Village 

Here was the gather point of timber in early stage. The timber was transported down by Alishan Forest Railway. Most of the Japanese-style house in the neighbourhood were using these hinoki to build, they were also the historical witness of Alishan Forest Development

【Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum】
It's located inTaibao City,Chiayi County. It positioned as " Museum of Asian Art and Culture",was started to operate from December 2045, with 70-hectare area, while the magnificent Museum main buiding has occupied 20-hectare. The Architectural Aesthetics of the building exterior and the hall is fairly eye-catching,especially collocation with the lake view,and also the thick columns and lines design of the bridge.


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This car is available to "Taiwan Fun Tour - National Palace the South" (Jiayi Bus 106+105)

This car is good for 72 hours once when you start using it. When it expires, you can still use its One-Card function.


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